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Sterilization and Disinfection workshop


Tishk International University, Faculty of dentistry organized a workshop for the nurses and some of the faculty staff about sterilization and disinfection on December 15,2019 in the Dentistry Building.  Dr. Muhammed Faysal from the Saniswiss company, presented the workshop in the presence of Dr.Duran Kala , the Dean of Dentistry Faculty , Dr.Lezan Dawood ,the polyclinic manager and 27 research assistants and nurses from the faculty . The workshop was composed of 2 sessions, the first  session was about Cross infection and the second session was about Sterilization and disinfection ,which was a practical session. The objective of the workshop was [...]

Sterilization and Disinfection workshop2020-12-04T11:32:31+02:00

White Coat Ceremony


The Dean of Students office organized the white coat ceremony for the first-grade students of Dentistry Faculty on November 28, 2019 in the presence of Dr.Idris Hadi Salih, the president of TIU, Dr. Mehmet Ozdemir, the vice president, Dr.Duran Kala, the dean of dentistry faculty, Dr. Lezan Dawood, the polyclinic manager, Mr.Ali Bala, dean of students, Mr.Fatih Yilmaz and Dr.Zainab Yalman the representatives of dean of students office in addition to a group of dentistry faculty staff. The Ceremony started with two minutes standing in silence remembering and respecting the martyrs followed by the speech of Dr.Idris Hadi Salih, in [...]

White Coat Ceremony2020-12-04T11:38:01+02:00

First Grade welcoming party


On November 24, 2019, the dean of students representative Mr.fatih Yilmaz Organized a welcoming food program for first grade dentistry faculty students, in the presence of  Dr. Dalan Jamal and Mr. Soran Kaifi the class advisors of first grade. Nearly 40 students attended the program. In the program Mr. Fatih Yilmaz talked about the regulations of university, the activities that the students can do during their campus life, the family like environment and the role of dean of students office in hearing every student’s problem and helping in any issue in addition to the donation programs hold  for Rozhava.       [...]

First Grade welcoming party2021-02-07T14:21:39+02:00

Primary school visit to Dentistry Faculty


A group of students from Tishk International Brayati Primary school under the supervision of their teachers visited the TIU, Dentistry Faculty on November 26, 2019 . They were welcomed by the Dentistry faculty staff and students.  The doctors in the Pedodontic department made check-ups for all the student’s teeth and diagnosed their dental problems. Then oral health instructions were given to the students in a motivating manner.  Afterward, the students had a tour inside the Dentistry building and visited all the departments, a summary of each department’s role was explained for the students by the doctors. This was the first [...]

Primary school visit to Dentistry Faculty2020-12-04T11:37:49+02:00

Mawlid Al- Nabi Celebration Ceremony


November 10, 2019 The Dean of students office organized a celebration on the occasion of Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) birthday in the presence of the vise president Dr.Mehmet Ozdemir (PhD) ,the dean of Dentistry Faculty Dr.Duran Kala (PhD),the Dean of students Mr.Ali Bala , the representatives of Dean of students office Mr.Fatih Yilmaz and Dr.Zainab Yilman in addition to the staff and students of the Dentistry Faculty . The Ceremony started with reading some Verses from the Holy Quraan by one of the students followed by the speech of the Dean of the Faculty in which he highlighted the role of [...]

Mawlid Al- Nabi Celebration Ceremony2020-12-04T11:37:41+02:00

First Grade Orientation Program


November 7, 2019 The Dean of students office in Tishk International University /Faculty of Dentistry organized an orientation program for the first grade students. The dean of Dentistry faculty Dr.Duran Kala, (PhD.) and the representative of the dean of students office gave their speeches to the newly joined students in order to introduce them to the faculty in a welcoming manner and the roles of the Dean of students office in serving the students have been explained. 75 students participated in the activity and they have been introduced with their class advisors as well.Then the advisors took the students for [...]

First Grade Orientation Program2020-12-04T11:44:16+02:00

Staff Picnic


October 25, 2019 A trip to the Galizanta in Akre has been organized by the Dean of students office for the female staff of the faculty of Dentistry and their families to enjoy a refreshing friendly time away from work stress. The participants had a nice time in Akre and then at night they came back to the university and made barbeque in the University Garden.

Staff Picnic2020-12-04T11:43:52+02:00

Welcoming Party and Orientation Program


From  October 16  – October 31 ,2019   The Dean of students office organized a series of welcoming parties for the Dentistry faculty  students from (2nd Grade – 5th Grade) to have a motivated new academic year .   Different members of Dean of students office attended the programs and introduced the Dean of students roles and activities to the students.   The students have been introduced with the representatives of Dean of students office in Faculty of Dentistry (Mr.Fatih Yilmaz) and ( Dr.Zainab Yalman). Then they had lunch all together and enjoyed their time with their class advisors that [...]

Welcoming Party and Orientation Program2020-12-04T11:44:42+02:00
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