General Examination Guidelines for Students

Article 1-It is the student’s responsibility to follow the exam date, time and location. The examination timetable will be announced on faculty and department web page. Students should ensure that they arrive at the exam hall at least 10 minutes before the start of the examination.

Article 2-Every student must join the exam on specified scheduled time. In case of emergency or extra ordinary situation; they should take permission from Faculty Exam Committee to enter the hall quietly within maximum 10 minutes of start of the exam.(subject to authority).  No additional time will be allowed for students arriving late.  Students arriving more than 10 minutes after the start of the examination will not be allowed into the exam hall in any case.

Article 3-Students must remain silent as soon as they enter the examination hall.  Students should write all information required diligently on the front cover of answer booklet.

Article 4-Students should not bring any valuable items to the examination hall. Students are not allowed to bring any electronic devices (mobiles, smart watches, tablets…) to examination hall. If they bring any electronic device to exam hall, they should switch off mobile phones and leave them in the bag or on the invigilators desk for the duration of the examination.  Invigilators will not be held responsible if belongings of students are lost.

Article 5-Unless instructor specifically allows the use of accompanying materials, all books and/or notes must be left at the front of the hall.  Anyone found consulting notes after being allowed into the hall will be reported to their department.  Allowable accompanying materials will be checked for annotations mentioned in the exam paper.  Any unauthorised material will be confiscated and reported to department administration. If students are found writings on their hands, or any part of their bodies, no matter what is written, they will be accepted as cheating.  All students suspected of cheating in this way will be dealt with under the University’s disciplinary regulations.

Article 6-Students are responsible for bringing their own pens and any other relevant exam materials. All pens cases should be transparent and should not contain any paper. And students should not use colour pen but blue and black. Using of pen is compulsory.

Article 7-Students should ensure that they have Tishk International University Identity Card to display on the desk. The ones who don’t have it will not be accepted to exams.

Article 8-Students may only use a calculator during their examination if the examination instructions allow it.  All calculators must be non-programmable and must be left on the desk during the examination for inspection.  Invigilators will confiscate any calculator that does not conform to regulations.

Article 9-An announcement of start and end of the exam will be done before exam starts by writing on the board of exam hall by chief invigilators only.

Article 10 When a student is given permission to leave, he/she should collect all belongings and leave the hall as quickly as possible and is not allowed to speak until he/she leaves the examination hall.  Student should be aware that other students may still be finishing examinations in the same hall or building so those who leave should consider of others’ need for silence, and should remain quiet until they have made way out of the classroom. Not following this instruction will be accepted as cheating.

Article 11-Objections to final exam results end 3 days after the announcement of the scores.

Article 12-Cheating in examinations will not be tolerated and will result in serious penalties.  If a student is suspected of cheating, the student will be asked to hand exampaper and leave the exam hall. Students should obey instructions of invigilators and they should not argue with the invigilators if they have been instructed to leave the room. Invigilators can report the incidents or cases to their head of departments (students can report the incident to their departments as well if they think they are treated unjustly). Incidences of cheating will always be reported to student’s department and dealt with under the University disciplinary regulations.

 Article 13-Cheating includes using unauthorised material, hiding notes, reading notes, writing notes or anything written on any part of students’ body, speaking, whispering, peering, changing place without permission, reading the examination paper, continuing to write after the examination has been finished etc. or trying to cheat in anyway. Various penalties have been meted out by the University ranging from examination papers being marked as a fail to expulsion from the program of study.

Article 14-Students who fail in NA (Not Attendance) are not allowed to take final exams under any circumstances.

Article 15 Students are not allowed to leave the exam hall in the first 30 minutes after the exam starts.