By the end of this program students will be able to:

  1. Discuss an in-depth knowledge of the art and science of dentistry and normal human structure and function.
  2. Apply the basic principles of conservative dental treatment.
  3. Identify and interpret the implications of systemic medical conditions to the management of oral health.
  4. Diagnose systemic medical conditions that present with oral symptoms and initiate appropriate management.
  5. Identify complex situations and appropriately manage such situations in liaison with specialist health practitioners.
  6. Apply strategies for oral disease prevention, health maintenance and health promotion for individuals and the community.
  7. Implement comprehensive preventive and therapeutic oral health care for infants and children through adolescence, including those with special health care needs.
  8. Apply the legal, ethical and professional responsibilities required of a practicing dentist.
  9. Design an appropriate treatment planning for patients with multiple dental\oral problems.
  10. Execute research projects based on a thorough knowledge of literature, data collection and analysis.
  11. Explain the oral health needs of communities and engage in community service.