On January 23, 2020,TIU-Dentistry Faculty organized a workshop under the title of ”Academic writing” in the Dentistry building for the fifth-grade students to teach them how to write academic articles professionally since final grade students are expected to conduct a research as a graduation project and they are considered as early career researchers, their writing skills need to be substantially improved.

The workshop was presented by Dr.Ranj Nadhim Jalal (Ph.D.), teaching staff member of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Department-Dentistry Faculty-TIU and Mr.Saad Mheallddin Mahmud (MSc.), teaching staff member of College of Language, University of Salahaddin.

50 students and research assistants from Dentistry Faculty-TIU attended the workshop which was composed of two sessions:

• A Brief introduction to scientific writing.
• Hands-on training regarding (paraphrasing, sentence and paragraph structuring)

The Objectives of the workshop were about finding and reviewing literature, learning how to do paraphrasing, thesis (essay) structuring and paragraph structuring.