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Reference Management Workshop


The Faculty of Dentistry at Tishk International University (TIU) arranged a workshop on March 28th, 2021, titled “Reference Management using Endnote” for the Dentistry Faculty students who are in fifth grade. This was undertaken to enable the students to use different referencing format and additionally being able to use the Endnote program for citation and reference management. The initial session comprised of a brief introduction to citation and referencing, and the final session consisted of hands-on training for reference management using Endnote program.There were 52 participants which included TIU students, Dentistry Faculty Staff, and masters Students of Hawler Medical University. The [...]

Reference Management Workshop2021-04-06T08:50:26+02:00

Dentistry Faculty Trip to Barzan


The Dean of Students Office Representative in the Dentistry Faculty of Tishk International University organized a visitation to Barzan Resorts for 3rd grade Dentistry students on February 13th, 2021. The trip was supervised by the class advisors of the third-grade students of Dentistry- Mr. Yusuf Siddik, Dr. Huda Shamil, and Dr. Noor Ali. The purpose of the trip was to entertain students by having them enjoy their time in one of the most esteemed and captivating places of nature in Kurdistan, especially during the spring season.

Dentistry Faculty Trip to Barzan2021-04-06T08:57:22+02:00

Raising Dental Awareness Project


On March 11th, 2021, the Dentistry’s Dean of Students Office in Dentistry at Tishk International University concluded the final phase of the dental awareness project at Hawler Mall. A dental team was assembled from the fourth-grade Dentistry students and their task was to conduct oral examinations for the people that visited the mall. The team also handed out appointments and arranged visitations to the dental polyclinics of Tishk International University for those who required further dental treatment. The team was supervised by Dr. Noor Ali, Dr. Reem Zyad, and Dr. Hedi Shwan (Research Assistants at the Dentistry Faculty of TIU). This [...]

Raising Dental Awareness Project2021-04-06T09:58:27+02:00

Dentistry Faculty Participation in the Mercy Corner Project


Mercy Corner is a yearly project that is organized by the Deanery of Students of Tishk International University. It is dedicated to helping refugees and internally displaced people (IDPs) that are staying in the camps in the Kurdistan region. It also aims to raise the awareness of students and show them the lives of those living at the camp first-hand and to get the students/staff to help people in need. This project was set out on March 9th, 2021 and started off by delivering all the donations gathered from the university’s students and staff. Donation boxes were strategically placed across campus [...]

Dentistry Faculty Participation in the Mercy Corner Project2021-04-06T09:32:54+02:00

Scientific Poster Exhibition at Dentistry Faculty, TIU


A scientific poster exhibition was organized at the Dentistry Faculty in Tishk International University, Erbil, KRG on March 9th, 2021.As part of “Dental Management of Medically Compromised Patients” course’s formative assessment strategy, fourth-grade Dentistry Students prepared and displayed 15 posters covering the majority of the course’s topics. Each poster was developed by a group of students and were evaluated by Dr. Mohamed Ozdemir, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr Duran Kala, Dean of Dentistry Faculty, Mr. Ercan Sezer, Executive Academic Advisor, and Dr Rani Nadhim, Module Instructor. The jury members assessed the posters based on their scientific content, the layout and [...]

Scientific Poster Exhibition at Dentistry Faculty, TIU2021-04-06T09:49:23+02:00

Dentistry Faculty Appreciation Ceremony


An appreciation ceremony was organized on March 8th, 2021, in the presence of the Vice President of Tishk International University, Dr. Mehmet Ozdemir and Dr. Wasfi Kahwachi, Dean of Dentistry Faculty, Dr. Duran Kala, Vice Dean, Dr. Aliser Babakulivev, Polyclinic Manager, Dr. Lezan Dawood and the Executive Academic Advisor, Mr Erjan Sezer.This ceremony was coordinated by Dr. Zainab Yalman, Representative of Dean of Student’s Office in the Dentistry Faculty, Mrs. Zhala Tahsin, and Dr. Huda Shamil, Dean of Students Assistants. The purpose of the event was to appreciate the crucial role of the academic and administrative staff of TIU Dentistry [...]

Dentistry Faculty Appreciation Ceremony2021-04-11T11:29:31+02:00

Dentistry Department in Numbers Seminar at Dentistry Faculty


Ten months ago, the Dentistry Department began the procedure of international accreditation for its bachelor program. This international accreditation requires a self-report that provides clear evidence of the courses compliance with the accreditation standards which is in the stage of preparation as of now. Due to this, comprehensive data which consists of information about the taught courses, teaching methods, the workload, and other related data which was acquired through a workshop conducted in July 2020. The gathered data was inspected thoroughly by the ISO & Accreditation office and the results were presented by Ms. Rasha Alkabbanie, Coordinator of ISO & Accreditation, [...]

Dentistry Department in Numbers Seminar at Dentistry Faculty2021-04-11T11:33:40+02:00

Scientific Trip To College of Medicine in Hawler Medical University


The Dean of Students Office in Dentistry Faculty, Tishk International University, organized a scientific trip on March 6th, 2021, for second-grade Dentistry students to visit and explore the Anatomy Laboratories in College of Medicine at Hawler Medical University. The trip was supervised by Dr. Payman Jamal, Dr. Raghad Faris, MBCHB, Anatomy Course Instructors in addition to Dr. Hasan Alkubaisi, BDS, Research Assistant at Dentistry Faculty.The instructors presented a brief practical lecture to the students and gave them a quick analysis of the head and neck anatomy using human corpses. The objective of the scientific trip was to educate the students through [...]

Scientific Trip To College of Medicine in Hawler Medical University2021-04-11T11:38:36+02:00

Dentistry Faculty Participation in TIU Food Fundraising


Dean of Students at Tishk International university annually organizes food fundraising projects in which the students and staff bring and sell all types of food, desserts, drinks, etc. Volunteer students actively take part in preparing and selling the foods, which gives them a broader vision to understand the value of social responsibilities. On February 22nd, Faculty of Dentistry Participated in the Mercy Corner Food Fundraising at Tishk International university, from 8:30 a.m to 3:00 p.m. The Dentistry Faculty stand was organized by Dr. Zeyneb Yalman, Mrs. Jale Tahsin, and Dr.Huda Shamil. Students from 1st, 2nd and 3rd  grades participated in [...]

Dentistry Faculty Participation in TIU Food Fundraising2021-04-11T11:46:02+02:00

BDS Program Curriculum and The Course Catalogues Revision


A special committee selected and supervised by Dr. Idris Hadi Salih, Head of Board of Trustees, and Dr. Duran Kala, Dean of Faculty of Dentistry, was assigned to revise the BDS program curriculum and the course catalogues according to the European System of Student Workload and Course Credit Calculation. The committee members consisted of Dr. Duran Kala, Dr. Rani Nadhim, Mr. Ercan Sezer, and Dr. Aliser Babakulyev. The updated curriculum is based on competence and targets evidence-based learning and state-of-the-art clinical practice and procedures.This document contains catalogues of all theoretical, practical, and clinical courses of TIU/BDS scheme for 2020-2021. The catalogue [...]

BDS Program Curriculum and The Course Catalogues Revision2021-04-11T12:00:44+02:00
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