June 23 to June 25 ,2020

Under the direct supervision of Dr.Duran Kala (PhD),the Dean of Dentistry Faculty-TIU and Dr.Ranj Nadhim (PhD),the instructor of Research Methodology,special committees inside the Dentistry Faculty were assigned to scientifically discuss and evaluate the graduation thesis that were submitted by the students as a partial requirement of Bachelor degree in Dental surgery.

Each research group prepared a brief presentation about their project and they discussed the aims, materials, methods and results of their studies with the committee in addition to recommending further studies for the senior students that will follow them next year.

The Discussions were made by following the rules of social distancing and the recommendations of WHO to protect the staff and the students from the COVID-19 virus while students living outside Erbil presented their thesis to the committee by the mean of (Zoom) platform .

The discussion committee was very happy by the high level of the researches made by the students in addition to their efforts and high performance and they appreciated the great role of their supervisors. Suggestions were made to publish some of the researches in scientific journals.