On January 10, 2021, in the presence of Dr.Duran Kala, the Dean of Dentistry Faculty at Tishk International University, and Dr. Lezan Dawood the Polyclinic Manager, the Dean of Students office arranged a small celebration for Christian students on the occasion of Christmas.

The event was supervised by Dr.Zainab Yalman, the representative of the Dean of Students Office in the Dentistry Faculty, and Mr.Yusuf Siddik.

Dr.Duran Kala gave a speech to the attendees about the unity of the religions, he explained the mutual points between all the monotheist religions, and how it is required from all of them to live peacefully together like brothers and sisters. Then Small gifts were given to the students and they all ate cake together in a friendly environment.

Strict precautions and health regulations including wearing masks and applying social distancing rules for protection against the COVID-19 pandemic were applied during the event.