June 25, 2020

The representative of the Dean of students in Dentistry Faculty, TIU, Dr.Zainab Yalman arranged an honoring ceremony for the class advisors of the faculty, in the presence of Dr.Duran Kala, the Dean of dentistry faculty, Dr.Lezan Dawood, the polyclinics manager, Mrs. Emine Bala, the Dean of students, Mr.Fatih Yilmaz, the representative of the Dean of students, Mr.Ercan Sezer, the Head of the department and Dr.Alisher Babakuliyev, the vise dean.

Before beginning the ceremony the participants had been advised to sit in the hole according to social distancing rules and to wear masks.The event started with a presentation done by Dr.Zainab Yalman demonstrating the activities that have been done during the year. Afterward, Certificates of appreciation and small gifts were given to the advisors. Finally, the ceremony ended by cutting cakes.