Under the supervision of the Dean of Students’ office, the Dentistry Faculty Organized two workshops regarding ”Corona Virus” for the Dentistry Students which were supervised by Dr.Zainab Yalman the representative of Dean of Students. The first workshop was held on February 26, 2020 for the third-grade students and it was presented by Ms.Sara Bahram and Dr.Noor Ali, the class advisors of Third-grade students. The second workshop was held on February 27, 2020, for all the students of dentistry faculty form all the stages and was presented by Ms.Sara Bahram. Both workshops included awareness lectures about the history of the corona virus, the development of (COVID-19) and its risk, discussing the means of prevention in addition to demonstration and practical sessions about how to protect yourself from getting infected by the virus. The workshops aimed at spreading awareness between the students by giving them enough information about the risks and prevention while reassuring them to not panic or get stressed .