Tishk International University | Faculty of Dentistry
Dear Readers,

Since its establishment in 2008, our university, especially the Faculty of Dentistry, has consistently stood out as one of the nation’s premier dental education and patient care institutions.

What sets Dentistry Faculty at Tishk International University apart from other dental schools is our dedicated commitment to achieving a harmonious balance between technical excellence in dental education, applying scientific judgment in dental practice, and cultivating interpersonal empathy. This intangible quality defines our doctors as exemplary clinicians in ethical, sympathetic, and caring interactions.

To continue this undertaking, a Dean should unwaveringly be committed to fostering an environment that nurtures mutual respect, creativity, and personal growth. Our distinguished faculty team shares a collective vision and commitment to our students, recognizing their unique goals and ensuring our students are well-equipped to deliver excellence in their future practice.

The Faculty is here to support our students. As we embark on this academic journey together, everyone’s active participation in shaping the optimal educational experience is necessary. This experience can only happen with active interaction with peers and professors.

In this process, one must ask questions, seek guidance, and take responsibility for his/her learning. Remember, success is not solely dependent on what one absorbs in the lecture halls but also on one’s willingness to take responsibility, explore new ideas, and challenge him/herself to be the best he/she can be.

As we stand upon the firm foundation of our collective efforts, there is confidence in our abilities and the potential that lies ahead. Together, we will continue the legacy of making a difference and shaping a better tomorrow for generations to come.


Dr. Jafar Naghshbandi
Dean,  Faculty of Dentistry- Tishk International University