Dental Implant Module Posters

In the presence of the Deputy Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Affairs Dr.Abdulfattah Abdulrazzaq, Head of Board of Trustees at TIU Dr.Idrees Hadi, Vice President of Scientific Affairs Dr.Mehmit Ozdemir, Dean of Faculty of Dentistry Dr. Duran Kala, and Dental Implant Module Instructor Dr. Ranj Nadhim Jalal, a poster presentation was held by fifth-grade dentistry students.

The purpose of this exhibition was to present research on the Dental Implant Module in a visual and engaging format. The aim of this activity was to:

  • Show students the form of scientific conferences and teach them how to prepare and present scientific posters for international conferences.
  • Implement a formative assessment strategy as part of the dental implant module assessment criteria. Formative assessment tools are highly encouraged in universities that apply the Bologna process.

The students enjoyed the event and considered it good practice for their future scientific activities. The jury members also regarded this activity as an important step to significantly increase the students’ skills and confidence to present in international conferences.

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