Ten months ago, the Dentistry Department began the procedure of international accreditation for its bachelor program. This international accreditation requires a self-report that provides clear evidence of the courses compliance with the accreditation standards which is in the stage of preparation as of now. Due to this, comprehensive data which consists of information about the taught courses, teaching methods, the workload, and other related data which was acquired through a workshop conducted in July 2020. The gathered data was inspected thoroughly by the ISO & Accreditation office and the results were presented by Ms. Rasha Alkabbanie, Coordinator of ISO & Accreditation, to the faculty members in an internal conference on March 4th, 2021. Some of the results presented were:

– The courses contribution to the achievement of the Program Learning Outcomes.

– The percentages of the dentistry major study fields in the curriculum

– Student workload components

– Teaching methods commonly used by the faculty members

– Assessment methods commonly used by the faculty members

These results will be included in the self-report, which is scheduled to be evaluated eventually by the International Accreditation Agency. The methods and criteria of inspection adopted by the agency are derived from the common European Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in Higher Education.