Mercy Corner is a yearly project that is organized by the Deanery of Students of Tishk International University. It is dedicated to helping refugees and internally displaced people (IDPs) that are staying in the camps in the Kurdistan region. It also aims to raise the awareness of students and show them the lives of those living at the camp first-hand and to get the students/staff to help people in need.

This project was set out on March 9th, 2021 and started off by delivering all the donations gathered from the university’s students and staff. Donation boxes were strategically placed across campus so as to make it easier for everyone who wished to donate. A food fundraising event was also coordinated on February 22nd, 2021, at our campus to support this humanitarian project and raise awareness of the cause. After this, with the cooperation of our partners who consisted of Mroydostan Organization, Khosnaw Group, Dilnewa Organization, we had managed to provide 600 food packages for 600 families.

Dr. Noor Ali and Dr. Huda Shamil supervised the Dentistry Faculty students that took part in the project.

Our students all worked very hard and earnestly to fulfil the projects goals. They also painted the face of the children at the camp to put a smile on their wonderful faces.

We, as TIU would like to sincerely thank all our partners and dear students that took part in the project which was carried out for a selfless cause and we wish to continue carrying out projects such as these in the foreseeable future.