Dr.Ranj Nadhim Jalal, phd, a member of the academic staff of Dentistry Faculty in Tishk International University in Erbil, KRG, participated in (World Dental Conference) as a keynote speaker .The World Dental Conference  is a virtual conference having speakers all around the world to cover almost all areas of dentistry and it was hold between 7-11 October, 2020.

One of the main problems of the dental implant is (peri-implantits), research groups all around the world are trying to solve this problem through developing a novel dental implant coating that can prevent peri-implantits, huge funds are provided for that issue.The aim of Dr.Ranj’s presentation was to explain the current status and up-to-date researches that have been conducted in this regard.

The presenter introduced his research group and also a novel, nano-scale dental implant coating that they have recently developed. The novel coating has a potential for clinical use to prevent microbial colonozation and subsequent peri-implantitis which might become a breakthrough in the field of dental implantology.There were up to 3000 participants in this virtual conference.