On February, 3 ,4 & 7 , 2021, , Dr. Zainab Yalman, the Dean of Students Office representative in Dentistiry Faculty of Tishk International University organized three welcoming ceremonies for the first grade dentistry faculty students in three different days to avoid crowding due to the pandemic.

The ceremonies were done in the presence of  Mr. Ercan Sezer, the Excutive Academic Advisor, Dr. Manr Nazhat, the academic advisor of the first grade students and the class advisors of first grade .

Dr. Zainab Yalman, Dr. Manar Nazhat, and Mr.Ercan Sezer gave short speeches to the stdudent about the regulations of university, the activities that the students can do during their campus life, the family like environment and the role of dean of students office in listening to every student’s problem and helping in solving any issues.

Finally, a short video about friendship was presented by Mrs. Zhala Tahsin, in addition to distributing small gifts over the students.

Strict precautions and health regulations including wearing masks and applying social distancing rules for protection against the COVID-19 pandemic were applied during the ceremonies.