The dean of students office in dentistry faculty at Tishk International University organized a dental care project for Erbil orphanage house. The project has been done for both the male and female orphanage houses. The visits were managed by the dean of students representative at Dentistry Faculty Dr. Zaynab Yalman and the cooperation of the Dentistry Faculty (academic advisors , class advisors and students ) in addition to the house’s managers.

On October 25th the first visit was done for Erbil female orphanage house to do check up and to ensure dental health status of the children inside the house in order to do dental treatment for them in near future , furthermore the team gave health and oral instructions to the children and educated them about how to take care of the body generally and the oral cavity specifically. Toothpaste and dental brushers were gifted to the children to motivate them about taking care of the oral cavity and doing regular brushing.

On November 1st, 2021 a visit was accomplished for the male orphanage house at Erbil city and same protocol has been applied as it was done for the females.

On November 9th ,2021 free dental treatment for the children has started inside the Dentistry Faculty Polyclinic with the cooperation of pediatric department and the students of the faculty to do full treatment for the children according to the plan that has been set by the team which will be continue till all the children receive dental treatment. Besides emotional support and care will be given by the team inside the clinics to improve the communication skills for the orphans that will help them in their social life.