Faculty of Dentistry organizes a camp visit for Aga Private School in Masif

Tishk International University organized a campus visit for the 12th-grade students of Aga Private School in Masif on this 21st of November, 2022. The purpose of the visit was to allow high school students to visit TIU, and become acquainted with the campus life, and the departments available at the university.

This was also a great opportunity to introduce the students to the university staff and participate in activities held in TIU. About 100 students attended the visit and were divided into 2 groups. Each group had a chance to meet the administration of the university and were warmly welcomed by the staff members. The students were also toured all the departments by Miss Parihan Khalid, Faculty of Dentistry administrative assistant, and each department senior introduced the students to the various duties of the respective department.

The importance of empowering youth and leading them towards a successful and flourishing academic future. Through the various activities and speakers, the event will better prepare high-school students for university life and allow them to gain insight on their plans beyond secondary school. We hope to assist the youth of our society to establish their identities as professional individuals who contribute to the wellbeing and the development of our communities.

Campus visits are a very crucial part of moving towards higher education. Such events help young individuals and potential university students with the process of choosing which university to attend or what majors to select. Indeed, it is very difficult for high school students to make a decision that will determine their professional careers and affect their life in general. This visit was designed to allow students to explore university and campus life and ensure that they do not regret any decisions they take or feel disappointed with the choices that they have made relating to the university and their higher studies.

At last, we as TIU would like to thank all students for attending this visit and wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors and academic journeys.