On 21st of May 2024, the Dean of Students Office at the Faculty of Dentistry, Tishk International University organized a farewell party for the fifth-grade students, under the supervision of Mrs. Umran Tug and with the help of class advisors of fifth grade.

The ceremony included a lunch invitation and a cake prepared specifically for the graduating students. Lunch was served afterwards some speeches were given from the organizer of the event Mrs. Umran Tug, followed by a speech from Mrs. ZhalaTahsin, Representative of Dean of Students in Faculty of Dentistry. The 5th-grade Class Advisors, Dr. Glara Ahmed, Dr. Sara Sherzad, Dr. Reem Husham, Dr. Julia John and Dr. Kurdistan Ismail also followed with a motivating and touching speech, congratulating the students on their achievement and wishing them success in their future endeavors together with providing them with some advice and practical tips for their future. The aim of the ceremony was to encourage, motivate and celebrate the graduation of the senior students and prepare them for life after college.  Cake was served at the end of the celebration and the students spent an enjoyable time with their teachers. Farewell parties are annually organized for the graduating students at the faculty.

The Faculty of Dentistry congratulates the graduating students and wishes them a successful career full of prosperity and achievements.