From December 6, 2020 to December 9, 2020, The Dean of Students office in Dentistry Faculty, Tishk International University organized an orientation program for the newly joined students.
The Dean of Dentistry faculty Dr.Duran Kala, (PhD.) , Dr. Omer Naghdhbandi, The head of the Periodontics Department, Mr.Erjan Sezer, the Executive Academic Advisor and Dr.Zainab Yalman, the representative of the dean of students office gave their speeches to the First Grade students in order to introduce them to their new academic life.
The role and functions of the Dean of Students Office were explained by Dr.Safya Basman, the Class Advisor of First Grade Students, and she emphasized on the readiness of this office’s staff to help the students with any issue regarding their social and academic life, inside and outside the campus. Then, Dr.Rauand Sudad , a research assistant in Dentistry Faculty made a brief presentation about how to access and use the Student Information System (SIS).
150 students participated in the activity in the form of small groups and they have been introduced to their class advisors as well.
Strict precautions and health regulations including wearing masks and applying social distancing rules for protection against the COVID-19 pandemic were applied during the seminars.