Faculty of Dentistry, on 17th January 2015, held on the first Alumni events in Dawa 2 restaurant, with aim of bring close together Alumni students (First graduated students) with Tishk International Dentistry. The event was coordinated by Administrative board of Tishk International Dentistry.

Dr. A. Arif Çelebi, Dean of Dentistry Faculty, gave a short speech. Dr. Arif said that “ I would like to thanks all of you for coming to our first alumni launch. I congratulate your graduation from Tishk International Dentistry faculty, again. I hope that all of you serve the Kurdistan citizens in the best ways.

When you were a stundent, we passed through difficult periods together. And, I hope that these days were passed away. We get good feedback about your experiences from the hospitals via some dentists. Actually, you spend five years at our dentistry faculty. You learned good experiences and knowledge about your speciality in the world standards. I’m sure that you are reflexing these knowledges and experiences at your working places. Your unity is not only about dentistry sciences but also we are very sure about your ethics, good personalities, dignity and kindness.

Beside, I want to say that we as Dentistry Faculty  and Tishk International University would continue our progress in that area to reach the tip of world standards. By the way, we plan to organize an international congress about dentistry in Erbil at the end of this year. Shortly, I would like to say that we are very proud because you are graduates.

And you are welcome again warmly.”

In the alumni launch, Tishk International Dentistry Alumni stated that this organization will happen traditionally every year and they want to get together more often with different type of events.