Graduation Thesis Discussion at Dentistry Faculty – TIU

Graduation thesis discussions for fifth-grade students of the Faculty of Dentistry at Tishk International University were conducted in a series of sessions held between June 26th and June 28th, 2021. The sessions were under the supervision of Dr Duran Kala, Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry, and staff members designated as the examining committee. The judges were assigned to scientifically discuss and evaluate the final-year research students submitted as a partial requirement of the Bachelor’s Degree in Dental Surgery.

Each group of students prepared a brief presentation regarding their project, describing the research’s aim, material, methodology, and results. The findings were presented to the committee, assessing the project’s quality and level, and proposed recommendations for future studies.

The Discussion Committee was delighted to see the students’ work and proud of the high level of research completed by the students. They praised the students for their hard work and high performance and appreciated the significant effort put in by the project supervisors. The examiners further suggested publishing several research papers in scientific journals.