The Dean of Students Office at Tishk International University organized a hiking trip to Safeen Mountain for staff and students of the university. The trip took place on November 6th, 2021, and approximately 700 students from different faculties participated in this outing, including 35 students from the Faculty of Dentistry. The group of dentistry students was supervised by Dr. Zayneb Yalman, Representative of the Dean of Students Office of the Faculty of Dentistry.

Hiking refers to a vigorous, long, and difficult walk in the countryside or on the mountain. The term trekking is also used indistinctly with hiking; the difference between the two lies in the distance and duration of the walking activity. In fact, there are several different types of hiking, each defining a program of specific difficulty and duration. Hiking is known to be quite difficult, or of moderate difficulty, as it involves long distances on peak paths and trails. This activity is usually conducted in groups of different sizes and requires the participant to be fit and capable of traveling long distances on foot.

Hiking is a great technique to immerse in the culture and history of a particular country or area; it is where mountain sports meet cultural adventure. It allows you to experience local communities and enjoy beautiful nature.

Students enjoyed a wonderful day out with their classmates and staff members. We would like to thank the Dean of Students Officer for organizing this activity.