As the Dentistry Department has started the procedure of international accreditation for its bachelor program, a self-report that gives an evidence of its compliance with the accreditation standards shall be prepared. Therefore, comprehensive data about the taught courses, the teaching methods, the workload, and other related data shall be acquired. For that, a national workshop was decided to be conducted in the faculty to explain and discuss the methodology and the technique of Accreditation Data preparation. Subjects that were discussed were:

  • PLOs – Courses Matrix,
  • Qualifications – Courses Matrix,
  • Student Workload Analysis,
  • Teacher Workload Calculations
  • Getting ready for the Site-Visit.

The outcomes of this workshop will be embedded in the self-report which will be evaluated later by the international Accreditation Agency AQ Austria. The methods and criteria of evaluation applied by AQ Austria are rooted in the common European Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in Higher Education.

The International Accreditation brings a wide variety of benefits to the students, the academic staff and the University by; raising the profile of learning and teaching of the University and demonstrating a measurable commitment to the quality of teaching.

The workshop was arranged by the ISO & Accreditation office in cooperation with the Dentistry Faculty. 28 participants from the teaching staff of  Dentistry Department attended the workshop which  took place on 16 & 17 June, 2020 at the TIU Campus.