The Faculty of Dentistry of Tishk International University (TIU) arranged a workshop on May 19th, 2021, under the title of “Biomechanics: The secret behind Orthodontic”.

The purpose of the workshop was to allow the participants to identify and understand various biomechanical principles. The event also aimed to teach the attendees how to apply various principles to their appliances, how to create desired and predictable tooth movements and to understand the how efficient biomechanics is used to achieve effective results for several patients. This enabled the participants to acknowledge the use of arch wires sequence in a comparison between traditional vs. i-arch approach, also providing them an opportunity to debate clinical cases.

Ninety attendees included academic staff of the Faculty of Dentistry-TIU, orthodontics postgraduate students of Hawler Medical University, and several specialist dentists from different universities participated in the workshop. The workshop was a success as it helped the participants gain an understanding in the subject of reference management and citation.

The workshop consisted of three sessions:

  • First Session: Introducing and discussing the basis of biomechanics and tooth movements by Prof. Dr. Giovanna Perrotti.
  • Second Session: Explaining archwires sequence and comparing Traditional Vs. i-Arch approach by Dr. Omar Sabah.
  • Third Session: Hands-on training regarding i-arch system applications and biomechanics.

The workshop simplified force systems to address any type of tooth movement necessary, because in orthodontics ‘tooth movement’ has always been the name of the game. Numerous cases and hands-on exercises, including wire bending and typodont exercises, were used to demonstrate various aspects of these ‘simplified common sense mechanics’.