On January 22nd 2023, a group of 30 students and their teachers from Ishik Brayati Primary School visited the Faculty of Dentistry at Tishk International University. Another visit was conducted by a group of 45 students under the supervision of their teachers on January 25th, 2022. They were welcomed by the Dean of Students Representatives Dr. Sara Salim and Dr. Sara Bahram. The purpose of the visit was to motivate the children and introduce them to the laboratories in the faculty and campus life in the Faculty of Dentistry.

The students, accompanied by their teachers, were welcomed for a faculty tour, during which the subjects studied at each laboratory were explained. Children at the primary stage level are in a crucial stage in their lives, and developing the child’s personality and educating them is highly required and encouraged at this stage. This was another one of the school group visits to the faculty this year, more groups have previously visited, and more are expected to visit in the near future.