On September 27, 2020 In the Presence of Dr.Idris Hadi Salih ,the Head of Board of Trustees of Tishk International University, Dr. Saleem Saaed Zangana ,The President of Kurdistan Board of Medical Specialities , Dr. Duran Kala ,the Dean of Dentistry Faculty-TIU , Prof. Dr.Ali Fakhri Al-Zubaydee , the Head of scientific and professional committee of Dental specialties in Kurdistan Board of Medical Specialities and Dr. Rebuar Fadhil ,the chief of postgraduate studies office of Dentistry Faculty , an agreement of cooperation has been signed between Kurdistan Board of Medical Specialities (KBMS) and Dentistry Faculty of Tishk International University to start a Joint Training Board Program in Dentistry Faculty .

The program includes two main branches of Dentistry which are Restorative and Orthodontics.The Dentistry Faculty in TIU will be the training center for the Board Students. A well-equipped postgraduate training unit has been prepared for the students according to the international standards .

The training unit includes smart classrooms, high quality clinics with modern dental units , X-Ray room and all the other facilities required for a high standard education .

Faculty of Dentistry as part of the Tishk International University ranked #1 private university in Iraq, has consistently maintained the highest quality of dental education since its founding in 2008.For more information, please visit this webpage:
<a href=”https://dentistry.tiu.edu.iq/”>https://dentistry.tiu.edu.iq/</a>