TIU, Faculty of Dentistry organized a workshop under the title of “LASER in dentistry-breaking the code of concepts” on December 22, 2019, at the faculty building, in the presence of Dr.Mehmet Ozdemir, the vice present of TIU and Dr.Lezan Dawood ,the polyclinic manager .

The workshop was presented by Assist. Prof. Dr. Niladri Maiti (TIU/Dentistry Faculty-Endodontic department) and it was composed of two sessions. The first session was about  “Types of LASER and the usage of each type’’ and the second session was about ‘’ The indications and contraindications of LASER’’.

50 fifth grade students and research assistants from TIU, Dentistry Faculty attended the workshop.

The objectives of the workshop were to enhance the knowledge and application of LASER in dentistry and learn to solve certain problems encountered during LASER application.