Tishk International University has been always trying to participate in the community’s social and humanitarian services in the best possible way.

This year as well, we had a long-term plan and many activities with ‘’Orphanage house children ‘’

All the activities and projects were managed and organized by Dr. Rojan Arif and Dr. Lana Burhan Jaff as planned before with TIU dentistry faculty staff and permitted by the Dentistry faculty’s deanery, TTishk International university’s rectorate and orphanage house directors ( boys/girls). Meetings were held with the participant volunteer students in order to guide and instruct them.

  • on 23rd of Jan/20th Feb-2019 our (Pedodontic department) had treated all orphanage house children (boys/girls) that required dental treatments according to diagnoses that were recorded on each child’s case sheet by the help of some of our Volunteer dentists.
  • (Clothes and Gifts distribution) On the 14th of February 2019. We arranged a visit to the orphanage house with our 3rd-grade volunteer students. This project was cooperated by ‘’Saz Jaff ” which provided money for the clothes that were bought and sorted out according to gender, size and their name. In addition to that simple gifts with short motivational movies were prepared by our students that later on distributed and showed to the children during the visit.
  • (Fun Factory) ‘s activity on 17th July 2019. This activity included both genders and was sponsored by ‘’Saz Jaff ” and prepared by ‘’Dr. Lana B. Jaff” for helping orphanage children to experience a different environment away from their routine life and have some fun with each other which also included having lunch all as one family.
  • Finally, on the 5th of August 2019, we provided some money which was estimated to be around 600,000 ID from volunteers and gave it to both male/female (Orphanage House) ‘ s directors. So that they distributed the money among the children as Eid-gift to use it and buy themselves new Eid-clothes.

The main objectives of this project and all the activities were to develop a relationship between the students and society, make our students feel grateful for all the blessings they have and have empathy with the children. As well as to motivate the children for a better future, support them emotionally and morally and put a smile on their faces and to encourage our students to help other people.