A national seminar under the title (Treating a patient with few remaining teeth)held by Prof. Dr. Muhamed Husain BAZİRGAN in İshik University Faculty of Dentistry on Tuesday April 11, 2017 for 4th and 5th grade students.It was discussed how to treat patient with few remainıng teeth,how to face difficulties cases and how to deal with psychology of complete denture patient.
There was a high interest in Workshop the senior staff of University, head department of Prosthodotic (Dr. Rıdthwan Hamadi), and Dean of Faculty (Dr.Duran kala) were ready in seminar. Prof. Dr. Muhamed Husain BAZIRGAN who is the Academic staff of Dentistry faculty of Islamic University of Malasia. He also lectured 6 hours prosthodonti courses for 2nd,4th and 5th years students of Tishk International University Dentistry Faculty under the staff exchange program.