Dentistry Faculty in Tishk International University (TIU) ,Erbil, KRG, started the first Joint Master Program in collaboration with Hawler Medical University (HMU) in April ,2018. On  March 1, 2021 , the number 16 master defense session of the Joint Program was held in the presence of Dr.Duran kala , the Dean of Dentistry Faculty, TIU, Dr. Dara Hamarashid, the Dean of Dentistry Faculty, HMU, Dr.Diyar Khalid, the Vice Dean of Dentistry Faculty, HMU, Dr.Rebuar Fadhil , the chief of Postgraduate Studies office ,TIU , and master defense committee members.
Hezha Saadi Hassan which was a master candidate in the Conservative department of the joint program, presented his thesis to the discussion committee under the title of (Microbiology Evaluation of Different Irrigation Solutions in Disinfecting of Root Canal by Colony Forming Unit Count).
The master discussion committee members were :
1- Prof. Dr. Jamal Aziz, PhD., Baghdad University, Chairman.
2- Assist.Prof. Dr.Nawfal Abdulmalik, PhD., Tishk International University , Member.
3- Assist.Prof. Dr. Mutaz Ghazi, PhD., Mosul University, Member.
4- Assist. Prof. Dr. Diyar Khalid ,PhD, Hawler Medical University ,member and thesis supervisor.
The master discussion committee accepted the thesis  with recommending some adjustments to be done within one month and congratulated the student for his great effort and high performance in the presentation and through the two years of his study.
Strict  precautions and health regulations  including wearing masks and applying social distancing rules for protection against the COVID-19 pandemic were applied during the defense session.
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