Faculty of Dentistry organized a comprehensive dental implantology course that included a series of seminars and workshops during September 1st, 2018 and September 1st,  2019. In August 2018, the first module of (CDIC) implant course has launched, starting with an opening speech by Dr.Idris Hadi, Head of Board of Trustees of Tishk International University, who highlighted the importance of these international courses and how the university supports such activities. Representatives of ministry of health and sponsoring companies were also present. The workshop included 24 dentist participants from all over Iraq making so far a profit of $2800. At the end of the course the participants will be given certificates which is certified from Ministry of Health, Tishk International University and the Open Dental Community.

Later Dr. Othman gave a brief description about the modules of the course which includes 20 speakers, with 7 of them being international.

The aims of the course and workshops:

· How to use surgical kit and its component?
· Introduction to dental implantology and its using?
· How to select dental implant system?
· How to construct surgical template?
· Patient preparation for surgery
· How to select flap, types of suture and suture technique?
· How to select and examine the patient?
· what systemic investigation are required?
· Photography important in dental implant?
· Immediate implant placement and loading
· Surgical technique for immediate implant
· Prosthetic component and biomechanics
· Impression technique and impression material
· Face bow recording, type of abutment
· Implant in esthetic zone
· One-piece versus two-piece dental implant
· Bone graft and its types
· Vertical bone augmentation
· Soft tissue management
· Sinus lifting procedure
· Nerve lateralization
· Complications of dental implant
· Management of implant failure
· Prosthetic part of dental implant

The modules and workshops included:

– Introduction and histology of implantology
– Dental photography
– Surgical technique
– Prosthetic steps
– Osseo densification
– Piezo surgery
– Bone graft
– Soft tissue management
– Free gingival graft
– Nerve lateralization

The Modules Presenters:

· Assist. Prof. Dr. Othman Abubaker (Head of Kurdistan Dental Association)
· Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Saeed Gataa (Dean of Dentistry Faculty- Dicle University)
· Assist. Prof. Dr. Falah A. Hawramy (lecturer in suleymaniyah University-
Dentistry Faculty).
· Assist. Prof. Dr. Riyadh al-kamali (senior in Rizgary Teaching Hospital).
· Assist. Prof. Dr. Omed ikram (lecturer in Hawler Medical University-Dentistry Faculty).
· Dr. Abduljaleel Azad Samad (lecturer in Hawler Medical University-Dentistry Faculty).
· Dr. Rebwar Fadhil (chief of Postgraduate studies of TIU/Dentistry Faculty).
· Dr. Rekar Ismahel (Board Candidate in Kurdistan Board for Medical Specialties).
· Dr. Jodal M. Ahmed (lecturer in Hawler Medical University- Dentistry Faculty).
· Dr. Sacheev Nanda (Partner in Roott Company -India)
· Dr. Kawan Salahaddin Othman (lecturer in suleymaniyah University- Dentistry Faculty).
· Dr. Marwan Ajeel Qaidy (lecturer in Duhok University- Dentistry Faculty).
· Dr. Evan Youhana (lecturer in Duhok University- Dentistry Faculty).
· Dr. Sirwan Al Naqshbandi (senior in Rizgary Teaching Hospital). Dr. Dana Mahmood Yawer (senior in Khanzad Teaching Hospital).