Today, February 17, 2021, the new postgraduate unit building at the Dentistry Faculty of Tishk International University was opened.

The opening ceremony was held in the presence of the governmental delegation from the ministry of higher education and scientific research, Dr. Abdulfatah Adulrazaq, Deputy of the minister, Dr. Amanj Saeed, Consultant of the minister, Mr. Ibrahim Rashid, Director of private studies, Dr. Ahmad Dzayei, President of the International University of Erbil, Dr. Idris Hadi, Head of the board of trustees, Dr. Abdul Samad, President of Tishk International university, the presidency of Hawler Medical University, Kurdistan Board of Medical Specialities, Kurdistan Dental Syndicate, deans of TIU, and academic staff of Dentistry Faculty.

Dr. Idris Hadi Salih presented a speech and welcomed the guests, and thanked the Dentistry Faculty’s deanery for this new update in the field of higher education.

After finishing the ceremony’s program, the guests visited  the new unit’s building and congratulated Tishk International University for being innovative and preceding.

The new building of post graduate unit is composed of two smart 4k classrooms, modern dental clinics occupied by dental chairs with high technology equipment’s, an X ray unit , and innovative dental studio.