On march 7th, 2018 , two presentations were presented by our first grade students under the supervising of general anatomy lecturer (Dr.Paiman Jamal) and by the attendance of Dr.Duran Kala dean of faculty of dentistry Mr.ercan sezer head of the department.

These 2 presentations were about new discoveries in the world of medicine, by the names of:

1. Mesentery : Your Body’s Newest Organ

By: Shkar Fatih & Jannat Raad  

2. Lungs Participate in Making Blood

By: Zhinya salah & Zheer Aram

After the reclassification of Mesentery as an organ and the discovery of lungs participation in blood making , all medical students around the world were curious about them as well as our students, Thus they spent weeks on gathering information and latest updates from different sources and with the help of many doctors they could get adequate statistics to share all they got from their search.

And finally their hard work was appreciated by the dean and head of department.