On May 22nd 2024, Faculty of Dentistry in Tishk International University, paid a visit to Nanakali hospital as a part of community service project. The visit was supervised by Dean of students committee member, Ms. Zainab Hassan.

The community Service Project aimed at helping Nanakali patients by providing the administration with an amount of money specified for different tests that needs to be performedfor cancer patients. First stage students in Faculty of Dentistry participated in this project as part of their requirement in Interpersonal Dynamics and Character-building course. Money was collected by the students which reached an amount of 1,886,000 IQDs.

A group of 11 students accompanied by their supervisor visited the hospital. They visited Nanakali administration and talked with the manager of the hospital. They discussed the process of donation, and to which purpose the money would be used. A proof paper of receiving the amount of money was issued by the administration and given to the students who were responsible for collecting the donations.

Community Service Projects aim at helping people in need, sick and whoever has a problem in society. Community service also allows young people to build discipline, foster respect for others, promote civic responsibility, and participate in real world career-related experiences. Tishk International University pays extra care to community service projects and encourages its students and staff to participate in such projects.

We thank all the students who participated in this project and made it possible, without you this would not have been accomplished. And we hope you gained insight to the problems our society and sick people like cancer children endure and learned a lesson of which we should always help each other and become a means for making the struggles of the society less.

  • Tishk International University | Faculty of Dentistry
  • Tishk International University | Faculty of Dentistry