Social Community Projects & Clubs Introduction Day Event

On this 9th of November, Faculty of Dentistry in TIU university participated in the Community Service & Clubs Introduction Day held in front of the Main building of TIU university. The event was organized by the Dean of Students Office Dr. SafiyaBasman, Dr. Sara Sherzad, Miss Sara Salim and supervised by the Director of Social Affairs and Guidance Dr. Zaynab Yalman.

The event included introduction of each department of their social activities throughout the year. And the introduction of the different club activities held in the university. The Club and Social activities providing social responsibility, environmental sensitivity and personal development offer the opportunity of reinforcing the education.

The social activities are related to each department’s duty and responsibility towards the society. In regard to Dentistry Faculty, a stand was prepared with photographs explaining each respective activity. The total number of beneficiaries from the activities that were performed and finished was nearly about 700 people, including the dental awareness projects in the schools and in the malls, the orphanage, provision of stationary in back-to-school project and a special activity concerning the education and wellbeing of the dental students. The remaining social activities are ongoing till the end of the academic year.

The importance of participating in social activities is always highlighted in TIU and TIU Faculty of Dentistry students are responsible for being productive students besides studying dentistry and introduced to the different types of social activities held in the university and various club activities. The TIU staff have also responsibility towards the organization andsupervision of such activities and participation throughout the year.

Social Activities play an important role at Tishk International University which is highly appreciated by foreign or domestic visitors. A university is always stated for an intense academic life. However, as a private university, we need to look for further satisfaction for our “students”. In the 21st century, an educational institution without social life cannot open new horizons for its members.