Students enjoyed a terrific trip to Hawraman and Dukan

On October 15th, 2021 a trip to Hawraman for a group of fifth-grade students and seniors of the Faculty of Dentistry was organized by the Dean of Students Office at Tishk International University.

The group visited the resorts, the archaeological, cultural, and religious places of Halabja and Hawraman, and stayed in the district of Halabja for one night.

Similarly, the Dean of Students Office organized an outing to Dukan for second-grade students of the faculty, held on the 30th of October, 2021. A group of students with their seniors participated in the activity in a joyful and friendly environment.

The trips aimed at providing a reliving environment for the students away from academic life to strengthen their social relationships and allow students to enjoy the beautiful nature of Kurdistan.

The Dean of Students Office at Tishk International University strives to offer various social and entertaining activities for students inside and outside the campus as it is very important and encourages students to learn by improving their critical thinking skills.