On April 11th, 2021, under the direct supervision of the Dean of Students Office in Tishk International University, the final match of the TIU championship was played in the presence of Dr. Idris Hadi, Head of Board of Trustees of TIU,  and Dr.Duran Kala, Dean of the Dentistry Faculty. Some of the Deans of the other Faculties of TIU, lecturers, and students also were part of the audience.

Forty-one teams participated in the championship, and teams of both the Dentistry and Law faculties reached the final contest, which was judged by Captain Fahmi Abdulla. Eventually, the Dentistry Faculty team won the match by (6-1). Both teams displayed a thrilling and professional performance.

Both teams and the best players were awarded at the end of the tournament. The championship scores are shown below:

* The best player of the championship: Anas Jamal

*The scorer of the championship/ Ahmad Jamal who scored 12 goals.

*The best goalkeeper of the championship/ Ayman Faruq