Faculty of Dentistry staff and students vaccinated against COVID-19

On November 14th, 2021 a committee from the Ministry of Health, KRG was invited to the Faculty of Dentistry at Tishk International University.

The aim of this visit was to provide Pfizer COVID-19 vaccinations to both staff and students of the Faculty of Dentistry. The vaccination procedure adhered to the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines and was conducted under the supervision of specialized physicians, in order to monitor any side effects or complications that may happen after vaccination.

Currently, vaccination programs are the only mechanism to prevent COVID-19 infection and to protect society. The Pfizer-Biotic vaccine is FDA-approved to be safe and effective. Although there is a great controversy surrounding vaccinations, the progress towards enforcing this operation worldwide is noticeable, and many countries across the globe have required individuals to provide vaccination cards or passports to prove their vaccination status.

Tishk International University always ensures to maintain a safe and healthy environment for staff and students to continue their development and prosperity with good health.