Faculty of Dentistry lecturers, Dr. Bushra Rashid, Dr. Alaa Muayad, and Dr. Huda Yaser, Ms. Rozhan Arif, and a number of students, Parwa Khalil, Lava Sabir, Halaz Muhammed, Dlovan Talaat, Ilaf Ghaz, and Mujda Koyi, visited the camp of Syrian refugees in Koshtappa-Erbil under the supervision of the charity club of Tishk International University.

The aim of the visit was to give information to the women who live in the camp. Three seminars were given by our faculty lecturers.

The seminar topics were as follows: hygiene of camp environment, personal hygiene, food storage, and children/infant care. After the seminar, questions by women were answered and some time was spent with them to be able to understand their psychology and make them feel relieved.

Such visits will be paid to the camp again in the near future as well.