Once again Tishk International University Faculty of Dentistry\Pedodontics department performed a volunteering activity in GULAN Primary School by the oral examination based on DMFT index for children aged between 6 to 8 years old. The teamwork activity was composed of the head of Pedodontics department with a teaching assistant and five fifth grade dental students; the activity was warmly welcomed by the principle of GULAN Primary school.

The activity was carried out initially by dividing the crew into two groups, each was of two dental students supervised by a lecturer, basically; the examination was done by the Dentists while the dental students were recording the examined data, and a dental student was managing the children in the hall.

Following the examination, a paper was given to each student who needs dental treatment, to motivate them to seek dental care. In addition to that, dental care instruction papers were given to their teachers so that they distribute them to their students. The recorded data was also saved for archiving purposes with the Pedodontic department.

One of the main purposes of the program is to make the dental students learn the practice of DMFT index, and getting them use to their social responsibility towards the community, furthermore; providing the primary school students and their teachers with oral health care instruction papers, which shows the teachers and students’ parents the importance of early diagnostic need of dental carries.

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