On September 19th, 2023 the Dean of Students Office at the Faculty of Dentistry at Tishk International University (TIU) arranged a staff welcome gathering for the new male faculty staff members who have recently joined. In November 16th, 2023 a second welcome gathering was arranged for the new attending female staff. The gathering for welcoming new male staff was organized by Mr. Yusuf Siddiq and supervised by Mr. Ercan Sezer. And the gathering for the new female staff was organized by Dr. Safiya Basman and supervised by Dr. Zainab Yalman, members of Dean of Students Committee.

Each year, new staff attend the TIU family. Eight staff joined the male welcome gathering and 19 staff joined the female welcome gathering. The aim of such gatherings is for creating a welcoming atmosphere for the new attendees and offer a helping hand whenever needed, in addition to making a connection and strengthening the bond between the staff and the university.