Welcoming Ceremony for Students of the Dentistry Faculty

The Faculty of Dentistry at Tishk International University arranged a series of welcoming ceremonies for dentistry students, held between October 25th to November 7th, 2021. The events were organized by the Dean of Students Office Representative at the Faculty of Dentistry, academic advisors, and class advisors. A party was held each day for the second, third, fourth, and fifth-stage students of the faculty.

Dr. Duran Kala, Dean of Faculty of Dentistry delivered his speech to students, in which he highlighted the importance of participating in  social activities and being a productive student besides studying dentistry. He also explained the impact of such activities on society, locally and internationally, and how it contributes to a better and successful academic career.

Presentations were shared by Dr. Huda Shamil, discussing the importance of social activities for the community and its impact on university life specifically, in addition to introducing the academic advisors and the class advisors of each grade to the students, to facilitate communication between them and the academic staff.