From  October 16  – October 31 ,2019


The Dean of students office organized a series of welcoming parties for the Dentistry faculty  students from (2nd Grade – 5th Grade) to have a motivated new academic year .


Different members of Dean of students office attended the programs and introduced the Dean of students roles and activities to the students.


The students have been introduced with the representatives of Dean of students office in Faculty of Dentistry (Mr.Fatih Yilmaz) and ( Dr.Zainab Yalman). Then they had lunch all together and enjoyed their time with their class advisors that attended the programs.


The attended Class advisors were as the following :


Second Grade :


Dr.Karam Ahmad , Dr.Muhammad Salim, DrJihad Tayib , Dr.Lava Sabir , Dr.Zhakaw Amanj , Dr.Huda Shamil.


Third Grade:


Dr.Rebuar Fadhil , Dr.Kani Mahmood , Dr.Noor Ali , Ms. Sara Bahram.


Fourth Grade :


Dr. Mokhtar Muhammed , Dr.Muhammed Faruq , Dr.Parwa Khidir , Dr.Safya Basman , Dr.Hana Salam


Fifth Grade :


Dr.Mustafa Talaat , Dr.Muna Abdulaal , Dr.Sara Kawa