The Dean of Students office organized the white coat ceremony for the first-grade students of Dentistry Faculty on November 28, 2019 in the presence of Dr.Idris Hadi Salih, the president of TIU, Dr. Mehmet Ozdemir, the vice president, Dr.Duran Kala, the dean of dentistry faculty, Dr. Lezan Dawood, the polyclinic manager, Mr.Ali Bala, dean of students, Mr.Fatih Yilmaz and Dr.Zainab Yalman the representatives of dean of students office in addition to a group of dentistry faculty staff.

The Ceremony started with two minutes standing in silence remembering and respecting the martyrs followed by the speech of Dr.Idris Hadi Salih, in which he welcomed the students and congratulated them for being accepted in the Dentistry faculty and presented a presentation about the Tishk International University and its outstanding performance and achievements.

Then Mr.Ali Bala, gave his speech and explained the role of the dean of students’ office and the importance of social life in the TIU campus. After that Dr.Duran Kala, the dean of dentistry Faculty gave his speech and explained the great role of dentists in society then he asked the students to stand up and repeat the pledge of dentistry after him and promise to save people’s lives ethically without any discrimination.

Afterward, the students were called to the stage one by one to receive their white coats from the president of the University, the dean of faculty, dean of students and attending senior lecturers.

Finally, the ceremony was closed by taking memorial photographs in front of the TIU Main building and Dentistry building.